Compare Bank Account Rates in Cyprus

Cyprus has an estimated Population in 2010 of 798,045 and is part of the European Union. The currency used is the ()Euro. According to the IMF in 2009 the Cyprus economy ranks 108th in the world with a GDP PPP of 22.7 billion. The Cyprus GDP PPP per capita is $28,504 which ranks 29th in the world. According to its inflation was 4.7% in 2008 and .4% in 2009.

Top Deposit Accounts in Cyprus

Savings Account Account Details Currency Intro Rate p.a.

Bank of Cyprus Savings Account

- This savings account is the 'traditional savings account' (tamieftirio) product for an Adult

EUR0.25%Jan, 2015

Laiki Bank Savings Account

Allows withdrawing at notice and you may be provided with a passbook and debit card when opened. The interest rate for this product is applicable for the 'traditional savings account'

EUR0.25%Jan, 2015